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Cybercrime Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated

Oh man.... Cybercrime is Getting Smarter

Here are some beginning steps to ensure your security-based mindset stays sharp!

Cybercrime is at an all time high right now... Especially with Web 3.0 and blockchain technology becoming a reality for companies infrastructures.

Your threat landscape is dynamic and ever-changing.

One of the first things that we preach to our clients: "Understanding your organization's threat landscape is essential to keeping it secure." This is critical to the foundation of security within your organization and it's important to remember that an attacker can compromise an entire organization from even the smallest vulnerability that sits on an asset.

Now, just like the title of this section says - it's also important to remember that the threat landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Each and every day there are multiple new ways that devices or organizations can become susceptible to compromise or attack.

Next, it's important to understand and identify your organization's pain points. Having a good understanding of where you struggle most can be the difference in undergoing a compromise or not. Another good term that's commonly used to describe this is "Risk". Understanding how much risk to cyber attacks your company has is invaluable.

Organizations are working with an increasingly complex network of partners and suppliers to get work done, which increases the attack surface.

One trend that we have seen this past year reflects on the security of third party vendors that organizations do work with. When you bring in more business and start to interconnect the operations of them, then that introduces a whole new threat landscape for your organization and attackers.

Threats against your organization most commonly come from external sources. However, internal security is what governs the damage that an external hacker can do once they are on the internal network.

One thing that we have seen and continue to see is the relaxed state of internal security within organizations. Though that does not apply to all organizations... This area of security is what governs the damage that an external threat actor can do once they are on an internal network.

It's important to always think of your organization like so: "It's not a matter of if someone will get in. It's a matter of when."

Once someone is inside your network, what will your organization do to help prevent lateral and vertical movement inside your network? What protections do you have in place? IDS? IPS? SIEM that analyzes logs?
In reality, it's almost always never a one-stop shop with a solution. To stay as secure as possible will require new security policies and measures (such as zero-trust), software and firewalls (that utilize blocklists and traffic analysis), and more.

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Also feel free to check out our partner, Hacker Hub on Substack. There, you will find several great articles and write-ups over various aspects of the Information Security industry. They do a great job in keeping followers informed of the latest news and we are beyond proud to be providing Hacker Hub with some intelligence feed information for future articles!

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